Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that the final documents returned to you after assignment will meet the standards of international medical publishing. This guarantee applies to all manuscripts written or rewritten by us.

We guarantee that all manuscripts written by us will be scientifically and factually correct and accurately referenced. However, please note that as we work with the raw data submitted to us by you we will not be held responsible if the data is incorrect/inaccurate.

We promise to deliver all final completed work on-time or before the time specified for completion of the work on our "Time and Price" pages. If some more information or data is required from the client, the time taken by the client to respond to our questions will be subtracted from the total time taken to complete the work, to calculate the time taken by us for completing the service. If client participation is required, time taken to complete the assignment will depend on how fast the client responds to our queries. In such circumstances it is possible that the average time mentioned for respective services may be exceeded.

For non-native English Speakers, our Medical and Biomedical Manuscript Writing and Medical and Biomedical Manuscript Rewriting services will place your manuscripts at par with those of native English speakers. This will allow journal editors and peer reviewer to focus on and easily grasp the contents of your manuscript without being distracted by technical or language errors.

During the process of manuscript writing, manuscript rewriting, slide presentation and conference poster service, you will receive drafts of the manuscript/presentation/poster for your review. You are requested to study the draft and you may request revisions as necessary without any additional charges or fees. Two rounds of revision will be done free of charge. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.

If you add significant content to the manuscript after we returned the final completed manuscript to you, we strongly encourage you to submit the manuscript to us for revision before submitting it to a journal for publication. If few changes have been made we will revise the manuscript for free. However, if the changes made by you are substantial or new content has been added, 10% of the service fee will be charged for revising the manuscript.

After the assignment is completed to your satisfaction and returned to you, we will send you a client feedback form. We request you to fill the form and submit it to us. Your feedback is valuable to us. It will help us in improving our services and quality of our work which will enable us to serve you better in future.