Medical and Biomedical Manuscript Writing - Our Services

Every time you submit an assignment to us you will receive a personalized, world class service. While our writers are busy writing your manuscript, you can relax, knowing that you will receive a manuscript written in flawless English, which will meet the international publishing standards.

Our Medical and Biomedical Manuscript Writing service includes:

  • Manuscript writing: We will take your raw data and using your aims and objectives, comments and suggestions, organize it into a well-structured manuscript, ready for publication.
  • Tables and graphs: We will create tables and graphs to supplement the data presented in the manuscript.
  • Figures: We will write figure legends and format the figures to meet the technical requirements of the journal.
  • References: We will reference all the data in the manuscript by published literature.
  • Cover letter: We will write a cover letter summarizing the results of your research with all necessary disclosures.
  • Abstract: Almost all journal submissions also require a structured or un-structured abstract to be submitted along with the manuscript. The abstract - within the limitations of specific word count-concisely describes the aims of the study, essential findings and conclusions. Abstract is often the most critical part of a manuscript. Just by reading the abstract, a journal editor may decide whether to send the paper for a formal peer review or reject it. A well-written, crisp, structured abstract will be included with the manuscript.

If you require, we will format your manuscript to conform to AMA or APA style manuals. If no specific style is indicated we will format the manuscript according to "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" and the citations by "Vancouver Style" which are the most commonly used formatting systems by biomedical journals.

Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.