Selection of a manuscript for publication in a journal depends on a number of factors like quality of research, relevance to current knowledge, aims and scope of the journal, target audience of the journal, journal impact factor, journal editor's opinion, editorial and peer reviewer's comments, etc. While our writers will make every effort to provide all services to meet the highest prevailing standards of medical writing and journal publishing, we can not guarantee publication of a manuscript in any journal.

We will make all efforts to return all completed assignments, on or before time. Please note that for some assignments client participation may be required. Client may need to submit new data or check the drafts of the assignment and give comments and suggestions. We request you to please check your email every 1-2 days and respond to us as soon as you can. Biozenace will not be held liable for delays in services due to long time taken by the client to respond to our queries or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters and hardware and software problems.