Journal Selection - Introduction

After the manuscript text is finalized, comes the task of selecting a journal for submission of your valuable work.

At present about nine thousand medical and biomedical journals are published every year. For every medical specialty, there are many journals, each with specific aims and scope. With so many choices it is very difficult to select a journal for submitting your manuscript.

Our Journal Selection service makes it easy for you to select a journal for submitting your manuscript. Using our experience in medical publishing, we will select a journal in which your manuscript will have the highest chances of being accepted for publication. Our selection criteria takes into account many features like - journal impact factor, aims and scope of the journal, type of manuscripts accepted for publication, publication cost etc.

Submission of your manuscript to the journals selected by our Journal Selection service will maximize chances of acceptance and publication of your manuscript.

Our Journal Selection service can be used for all type of manuscripts which are published by medical and biomedical journals.

The type of manuscripts commonly submitted to us for our Journal Selection service include:

Original Articles
Review Articles
Case Reports
Rapid Communication
Short Reports
Letter to Editors
Teaching Case
Short Communication
Technical Reports
Innovative techniques
Diagnostic Seminars
Clinical Images
Quiz case