Medical and Biomedical Manuscript Editing - Introduction
For any research to reach its wider audience globally it need to be published in a scientific journal. Writing and formulating a manuscript that is impressive in content and easily understandable is a difficult and time-consuming task. Most of the time a manuscript is rejected by multiple journals. What the author does not understand is that at times the rejection is not due to lack of data or quality of research, but because of inappropriate and difficult to understand style, language and formatting of the manuscript.  

Spotting grammatical mistakes and typographical errors in your own work is difficult. This is where Biozenace plays its role as manuscript editing service provider to all those aspiring and ambitious researchers and clinicians, who wish to see their work published in good journals and in a timely manner.

We will undertake the complicated and laborious task of manuscript editing and proofreading. At Biozenace, manuscript editing and proofreading service will carry out these final checks and prepare a high quality manuscript in its final form, ready for publication.

Some examples of the type of medical and biomedical manuscripts we edit are:

Original Articles
Review Articles
Case Reports
Rapid Communication
Short Reports
Letter to Editors
Teaching Case
Short Communication
Technical Reports
Innovative techniques
Diagnostic Seminars
Clinical Images
Quiz case