Response to Reviewer's Comments - Introduction

Congratulations. Your manuscript has been accepted for publication. But wait...

the acceptance is provisional. The provisional acceptance came with reviewer's comments.

In almost every case the final acceptance of a manuscript depends on being able to answer reviewer's comments to their satisfaction. This is one of the most critical steps in a manuscript publication process. If the reviewer's comments are not answered to their satisfaction, it is unlikely that your manuscript will be accepted for publication.


It is extremely important to correctly understand the reviewer's comments, formulate your responses and submit them along with the revised manuscript. When these steps are completed to perfection, you can relax and be sure that your manuscript will be accepted for publication.


Our Response to Reviewer's Comments service will work with you to rewrite your responses to reviewer's comments to make them clear, crisp, succint and as the reviewers expect them to be.


Our Response to Reviewer's Comments service is NOT a proof reading and copy editing service. When you use our service, we will:

  • Research the Topic: Research the topic of your manuscript .
  • Write/rewrite the Responses: Write/rewrite your response to make them crisp and precise and edit them for proper English language usages.
  • Answer Queries: Ensure that all reviewer's queries and comments are addressed in the best possible way while maintaining appropriate tone and style.

Our Response to Reviewer's Comments service can be used for all type of manuscripts which are published by medical and biomedical journals.

The type of manuscripts commonly submitted to us for our Response to Reviewer's Comments service include:

Original Articles
Review Articles
Case Reports
Rapid Communication
Short Reports
Letter to Editors
Teaching Case
Short Communication
Technical Reports
Innovative techniques
Diagnostic Seminars
Clinical Images
Quiz case