Journal Submission - Introduction
After you have finalized your manusript and selected a journal for submission, comes the stage of going online to the journal's website and submitting the manuscript files. Your manuscript files may include cover letter, manuscript text, graphs, tables and figures.

The submission process is different for almost every journal. Some journals require online submission by logging in to author accounts, some want submissions as e-mail attachments, some want a copyright form and non-disclosure statements at the time of submitting the manuscript and others want the forms after the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Each journal has its own rules, regulations and technical requirements for the submission process. These requirements may be very confusing to understand. If the manuscript files are not submitted to the journal according to the instructions, the manuscript may be returned without review.

Our Journal Submission service will submit your manuscript, on your behalf, to the journal of your choice. With your inputs, which are critical to the submission process, we will:

  • Make sure that your manuscript conforms to all the journal requirements.
  • Advise you about the changes which may need to be made in your files, to make them compatible with technical requirements of the journal.
  • If you wish, we will make the changes for you.
  • After the submission is complete, we will monitor the status of your manuscript till the journal editors give their final decision.
  • Keep you updated at regular intervals about the status of your manuscript.
  • Correspond with the journal on your behalf (if instructed by you).

Our Journal Submission service can be used for all type of medical and biomedical manuscripts which are published by Biomedical journals.

The type of manuscripts commonly submitted to us for our Journal Submission service include:

Original Articles
Review Articles
Case Reports
Rapid Communication
Short Reports
Letter to Editors
Teaching Case
Short Communication
Technical Reports
Innovative techniques
Diagnostic Seminars
Clinical Images
Quiz case